April 25, 2006

Back in college I started an anime club.

I found a couple of other anime fans - a rarity in 1992. I had a good stash of first-gen fansubbed anime I'd acquired from tape traders. We started by taking over the sci-fi club, then I filed to make our own club so we could reserve rooms and all.

We had good times, but I've lost touch with most of them. I've lost touch with the anime community as well. In fact, I've lost touch with the anime industry. I don't even keep up with the blockbuster films like Ghibli's anymore. I do check things out that seem exceptional, not just popular. Usually I'm disappointed :(

Thanks for all the good memories, everyone! Hope you had fun too. I'm amazed to see the club chugging along 13 years later.

By the way, "Aiya" is what the Ranma 1/2 character Shampoo would say when she hits someone. Among some anime friends I had in high school, we'd scream it at each other while playing the video game. It's a Chinese word like "hey!" or "yikes!" Don't remember what those things are called. At WWU, we also came up with some sort of cheezy acronym. Anime Improvement Youth Association was the smoke-screen I think. Between friends it was known as Anime In Your A$$.

Written at April 25, 2006 8:41 PM
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