April 25, 2006
LoGH Info Center

I helped out during the heyday of the LoGH Info Center.

I love Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

One day many years ago while watching a fansub video, I decided that I cared enough about LoGH to fix it. The existing fansub was strong on technical terminology, but weak on grammar and conversation. I'm not sure if the translator used a script with a dictionary, or if they just are strong on vocabulary and weak on every day speech. The result, though, was that occasionally the exact opposite meaning was translated. Also, when the translator got lost there would be whole conversations that apparently were just guessed at.

I happen to be the opposite - weak on vocabulary, strong on every-day conversation. So I started making corrections and submitting it to a friend who redistributes timed scripts. I really felt like I helped do something important, but unfortunately the Hong Kong box sets released a couple years back have incredibly poor translation and have swarmed the market, so maybe I made no lasting impact.

I also translated several of the songs, which are available on the Info Center and on my site.

Most fun was decyphering the names of characters, planets, ships, and other items in the show. Often the English name is a corruption of a kana corruption of an English name, making it difficult to tell what god or famous person was being honored.

Written at April 25, 2006 7:54 PM
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