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July 10, 2007
Yankee Doo-dee-doo (Seattle)

Good ol' American dog leavings.

Normally I take dog poo signs in Japanese and translate them to English.  It's an ongoing addiction I've enshrined as the Dog Doo Signs of Tokyo.  This time they're from the US-of-A, so I'll do the opposite.  But I'll provide some commentary to keep the search engines happy.

Dog Doo Bagsふんは片付けましょう。園内ではかならず引き綱をつけ!他人や環境に迷惑を掛けないようにしましょう。On the side of the dispenser is a handy guide on how to use a dog doo bag.  Step two is missing some sort of "hold your breath" graphic.
Dog Doo Emergency 非常警備ボタン。警報がなる。つないで始末。So, are you supposed to call the guard if you see a dog off leash, or someone leave a pile behind?  Or will it sound automatically?
Dog Flowers 犬を花壇に上げないでください。This is very tasteful.  I'd like to think they chose the paper stock before the flowers bloomed, and are just that talented of gardeners.

Posted by Rob Ketcherside at July 10, 2007 6:32 AM
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