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July 10, 2007
Dirty Dog Jobs (Tokyo)

There are some jobs that no one wants to do.  Like anything involving dog doo.  Here are some signs encouraging you to do your part.

This article is part of the special feature series Dog Doo Signs of Tokyo.

Take Poo Home Take Your Dog Poo Home!!  Chofu City
Abandoned Animals Don't forget to pick up afterwards - Keep dogs on a leash - Don't abandon your animals . Mitaka City
Mind Your MannersDog Loving Families - Please Mind Your Manners. Musashino City
Definitely PooOwners, please be sure to pick up poo when you're on a walk. Musashino City
No Dogs InsideBringing Dogs Inside Is Strictly Forbidden. International Christian University, Mitaka City 
No Dogs or CatsNo Dogs or Cats Allowed in Park.  Mitaka City
Posted by Rob Ketcherside at July 10, 2007 5:36 AM
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