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April 11, 2007
Disney Sea Clock Walk (Tokyo)

Clock spotting and walking in Tokyo Disney Sea!


On a night-time visit to Disney Sea, I was confronted by the warm glow of clock dials. It's been awhile since I spent time on clocks, so I snapped every face I saw.

This is kind of a follow-up to my Tokyo Disneyland Clock Walk, which was inspired by my Seattle Clock Walk, which in turn actually required research and everything, so you should definitely check them out. You can also see them in my collection on Windows Live Maps with clocks from both parks.

Maihama North Exit Art ClockIf you accidentally leave Maihama from the wrong direction, you'll find this art clock at the bottom of the stairs from the North Exit. Go back and take the monorail, don't try walking past stinky hotel back entrances to Disney Sea.

McDuck's Department StoreHead left from the entrance. As you cross the bridge of the Venitian waterway, you'll see the wedge-shaped McDuck's Department Store straight ahead. The clock is on the top of the facade.

New York Harbor Street ClockTake the road on the left side of McDuck's, past New York Deli. On the right hand side of the street is a classy old post clock.

Tower of Terror ClockKeep going straight under the Electric Railway track. In front of Tower of Terror you'll find the creepy (especially at dusk) Hotel Hightower post clock.

SS ColumbiaNext to Tower of Terror is the giant steamship SS Columbia. The entrance has a brightly lit sign with a big clock on it.

Boston ClockHead across the bridge to the Boston/Cape Cod area of American Waterftont. Right in the center of town in front of the marina is a tall white building (maybe a school?) with black clocks on each face of its tower.

Port Discovery ClockContinue on to Port Discovery. In front of Storm Rider is a clock installation.

Raging Spirits ClockHead north, and cross one of the bridges on the left hand side. Way on the other end of Lost River Delta, there's a clock in front of Raging Spirits.

Magic Lamp TheaterClockContinue around the curve into the Arabian Coast. Cut through the bazaar or head through the main gateway. In the back of the courtyard is the entrance to Magic Lamp Theater, which has an Aladdin-styled clock over the doorway.

20000 Leagues Under the SeaCross the bridge to Mermaid Lagoon, or go around the edge of Arabian Coast - you'll end up at a tunnel entry way to Mysterious Island. Go left, and on your left will be the entrance to "20000 Leagues Under The Sea". You can find a clock at the Fastpass station. Actually, the ride (and book) is called "20000 Miles Under the Sea" in Japanese, which is only about 5800 leagues.

Disney Sea Hotel MiraCosta ClockDisney Sea Hotel MiraCosta ClockBack at the entrance to the park, over and to the left of the walkway exiting Mediterranean Harbor is the Hotel MiraCosta. Way up on the wall is a very attractive stained-glass clock with images of the 12 (western) zodiac symbols on it.

Posted by Rob Ketcherside at April 11, 2007 6:33 AM
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