June 1, 2004

4 Plugs

96/01/24, Japan

4 Plugs Jacket Picture
Victor, Invitation
CD: VICL-737
LP: VIJL-18106

    Track List
  1. Possess in Loop

  2. Crack

  3. 神Kami-Uta歌
    Kami uta
    God's Ode

  4. Rust Off System

  5. Walk!

  6. ノーマルライフ
    Norumaaru Raifu
    Normal Life

  7. Another Plug

  8. 消毒 SHODOKU

  9. A-S-M-I-A-S-B

  10. PGM ON

  11. Don't Suss Me Out

  12. Destruction at the Door

  13. O*U*T

First press shipped with a sticker

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