May 30, 2004

Mad Capsule Markets


"Best of" album. Rerecorded and remixed.

Self-Titled jacket
Victor, Speedstar
CD: VICL-807
LP: VIJL-15010
MD: VIYL-60007

    Track List
  1. Possess in Loop!
  2. Mix-ism
  3. S. S. Music
  4. マスメディア Mass Media
  5. Hi-Side
  6. パラサイト(寄生虫)
    Parasaito (Kiseiki)
  7. Jesus is Dead? Jesus is Alive? (Brian Mix Version)
  8. G M J P
  9. Down in the System [System Error]
  10. ラ・ラ・ラ(僕がウソつきになった日)
    La~la~la~ (Boku ga usotsuki ni natta hi)
    La~la~la~ (The Day I Became a Liar)
  11. Walk! [Adrian Sherwood Remix]

Vinyl contains tracks 2, 5, 6, 11, and an additional Walk! remix.

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