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Seattle Clock Walk
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For Seattleite horological pedestrians


I've been working on the clock walk site off and on since 2003. It started with impatient glances out of bus windows.


I was not a clock expert. I was not angry about a social injustice. If you're curious about why I made this, read the background.

If you've come here hoping to learn about how to install a clock in Seattle, read this carefully. It's also just humorous to think of the smoky-room politics, bribery, grandstanding, and escalating street clock one-upsmanship that must have led to this law.

Over the years I've talked about clocks with all sorts of folks. I'd love to give all of their names, but for now here's the sources for details of the initial set of downtown clocks.

It certainly has been fun, but I also recognize the serious preservation aspect of protecting our street clocks. I'd like to dedicate this site to the memory of the Lake Union Cafe street clock. I understand it's been brought back to life, and I hope we can get it back to Seattle. Here's more information about the law that was supposed to protect the street clocks.

Here's a special thank you to everyone who's enjoyed and brought attention to my site. The clock walk has been featured in episode 98 of Perils for Pedestrians; webzines such as Seattlest; the Mount Baker newsletter; a couple of times by the Seattle Sketcher; and I get good traffic from the City of Seattle tourist page.