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Seattle Clock Walk
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For Seattleite horological pedestrians

Downtown Seattle's Beautiful Clocks
Start at 5th and Jackson, at the International District subway station. It takes a couple hours of walking. Stop for a rest and a drink along the way. To print, view in Bing Maps.
  1. 1Union Station
  2. 2King Street Station
  3. 3F.X. McRory's
  4. 4State Building
  5. 5Earl Layman
  6. 6Fairlook Antiques Sign Clock
  7. 7Colman Dock
  8. 8Bank of California
  9. 9Hong Kong and Shanghai
  10. 10Pioneer Square Station
  11. 11Hickory Dickory Dock
  12. 12Jim Ryan
  13. 13Washington Athletic Club
  14. 14Question Mark
  15. 15Westlake Station
  16. 16Tiffany
  17. 17Sixth and Olive
  18. 18Times Square
  19. 19Bergman Luggage
  20. 20Century Square
  21. 21Ben Bridge Jewelry
  22. 22Ross
  23. 23Corner Market
  24. 24Pike Place Market
  25. 25Second Avenue Project
  26. 26Belltown Billiards
These clocks have disappeared in the years since I started this in 2003:
  1. Seattle Municipal CU
  2. Carroll's Fine Jewelry
  3. Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler
  4. Fox's Gem Shop