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For Seattleite horological pedestrians

Map of All Clocks in Seattle
Here are all of the public clocks that I know of in Seattle. Please contact me if you know of a clock that meets my arbitrary criteria for inclusion:
  1. Analog clock - there are too many digital bank clocks for me to include at this point
  2. Exterior clock - there may be interesting clocks inside of public buildings, but that's too much work
  3. Within the city limits
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Name Location Date added
Queen Anne Safeway 2100 Queen Anne Ave N June 6, 2011
Queen Anne KeyBank 434 Queen Anne Ave N
Scarlet Tree Restaurant 801 NE 65th St
Wallingford Plaza 4468 Stone Way N
Fremont KeyBank 601 N 34th Street
Boeing Field Terminal Building 7277 Perimeter Road S
Wolken Architects 4411 50th S
Holiday Apartments 1001 E John Street
Ben Thanh Sign Clock 2815 S Hanford June 4, 2010
Branford Bike Sign Clock 2404 10th Ave E
Demaray Hall 509 W Bertona May 3, 2010
Java Jazz Espresso 3457 15th Avenue W
Fairlook Antiques Sign Clock 81 South Washington Street March 29, 2010
Town Home on 12th 219 12th Ave E March 19, 2010
Bank of California 815 Second March 13, 2010
Sand Point Village 5400 Sand Point Way NE January 28, 2010
Union Bay Plaza 4540 Union Bay Place NE
Denny Hall Memorial Way and George Washington Lane December 21, 2009
John Hay Elementary 201 Garfield St. November 18, 2009
Carroll's Fine Jewelry Historic Clock 2700 24th Ave E November 17, 2009
Alvin Goldfarb Jewelers 600 Union Street October 15, 2009
Jak's Grill 3701 NE 45th St June 10, 2009
Washington Federal Savings 8318 15th Ave NW May 1, 2008
Heights on Capitol Hill East 133 Broadway E March 19, 2007
Tiempo 1577 14th Ave E February 11, 2006
REI Seattle 222 Yale Ave N
South Park 8520 14th Ave S December 18, 2005
Andrew's Building 8520 14th S
Menashe & Sons Jewelry Street Clock 4532 California Ave SW
South Seattle Community College 6000 16th Ave SW
Joy Palace 6030 Martin Luther King Jr Way S
Phoi Auto 3501 Rainier Ave S
Thompson, Sykes, and Buck Building 2959 Utah Ave S
Perfect Copy & Print 132 Broadway E
Broadway Market 401 Broadway E
Fat City Auto 508 Denny Way
Julie's Landing 2100 Westlake Ave N
Supergraphics 2201 15th Ave W
Gasworks Park Sundial 2101 N Northlake Way
Marketime Foods 4416 Fremont Ave N
Teahouse Kuan Yin 1911 N 45th St
Ballard Washington Mutual 5511 22nd Ave NW
Auto Loan USA 8830 Lake City Way NE
Bill Pierre Ford 11525 Lake City Way NE
Rehki Building 12500 Lake City Way NE
Lake City Washington Mutual 12360 Lake City Way NE
Greenwood Masons Street Clock 7910 Greenwood Ave N
Klose-In Motel 9309 Aurora Ave N
Auto Glass 9806 Aurora Ave N
Lancer Center 10554 Aurora Ave N
Clock Tower Apartments 13725 32nd NE
Lakeside Upper School 14050 1st Ave NE
West Seattle Brake Service 4464 Fauntleroy SW
Wardrobe Cleaners 4500 Fauntleroy SW
Luna Park 2918 SW Avalon
Jefferson Square 4706 42nd Ave SW
Fuzzy Wuzzy Rug Co. 2751 4th Ave S
Lander Station 151 S. Lander St
K.R. Trigger Building 3201 1st Ave S December 17, 2005
Surplus Too 85 S Lander St
Starbucks Headquarters 2401 Utah Ave S
Georgetown City Hall 6202 13th Ave S
Columbia City Street Clock 4873 Rainier Ave S
Central Area Starbucks 2300 S Jackson St
US Bank 1200 Madison St .
El Gallito 1700 20th Ave E
Diamonds, Sapphires & Rubies 324 15th Ave E
Safeway on 15th 1410 E John St
Urban Self Storage 1111 E Madison St
Butterworth Funeral Home 300 E Pine St December 14, 2005
Tully's Coffee 824 Pike Street
West Earth Co Street Clock 406 Dexter Ave E
Seattle Nissan 601 Westlake Ave N December 13, 2005
Seattle Times 1120 John
Lake Union Cafe 3119 Eastlake Ave E
UW Sundial 3800 15th Ave NE December 11, 2005
Barnes and Noble U-Village 2675 NE University Village Street
Wells Fargo U-District 4500 Univeristy Way NE
Benton's Jewelry 3216 NE 45th
Olympic Athletic Club 5301 NW Leary Way
Greenwood Jewelers 129 N 85th
4000 Aurora Building 4000 Aurora Ave N November 25, 2005
Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank Street Clock 720 2nd Avenue August 17, 2003
Colman Dock Tower Clock Pier 52 May 17, 2003
Earl Layman Street Clock 300 1st Avenue South
Bank of America 300 Occidental Avenue South
F. X. McRory's Street Clock 419 Occidental Avenue South
King Street Station Tower Clock 303 S. Jackson Street
Union Station Facade Clock 401 South Jackson Street

I've heard rumors of these clocks. Give me the details!: