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Washington Federal Savings

8318 15th Ave NW

(RIP: As of May, 2009, this clock no longer exists)

Northeast of the intersection of NW 84th and 15th NW is a broad, fenced off parking lot.  On the edge is this monolithic clock.

The clock's days are numbered. 

It was once part of Washington Federal Savings Bank's Crown Hill location.  The bank now lies shuttered, half of its lot fenced off.  The entire property belongs to neighboring Safeway supermarket.  Safeway has been in a battle with the neighborhood for several years to build a discount gas station on this lot, and seems to have finally won.  The gas station is going to be built on the bank site.  I don't think the clock will survive.

I don't have exact dates on the clock, but the bank building itself dates from 1971.


Western Federal Savings?

May 1, 2008
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