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Union Station Facade Clock

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Union Station Facade Clock

Directions: From 5th and Jackson, head west a half block

If you're here during business hours, pop inside to see another wonderful clock on the interior.

Union Station was completed in 1911 and opened in 1915 as the Oregon and Washington Station. It laid dormant and unoccupied from 1971 until the mid-1990s. The glamorous main room is currently used for public meetings, community events, high school proms, and wedding parties. Before restoration began, I actually saw the Chemical Brothers perform here.

As part of the large office developments between Jackson, Airport Way and 4th and 5th, Paul Allen's Vulcan Northwest and Nitze-Stagen purchased Union Station. After paying for its restoration, they leased it at a low cost to Sound Transit, a regional transit agency.

Union Station Facade Clock
This is the first clock on the walk!
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