April 6, 2004

CiSTm K0nFLiqT

04/03/31, Japan

CiSTm K0nFLiqt Jacket Picture
Victor, Speedstar
CD: VICL-61317

    Track List
  1. -Start Id-

  2. Retalk

  3. Bomb Idea

  4. Scary -Delete Streamin' Freq (From Fear Side)-

  5. W.O.R.L.D

  6. Cracker!!!

  7. Sunny Beach Rd.

  8. Grim Monster

  9. Loud Up!!

  10. She Loves It-Explore The New Day-

  11. Let It Trip -Download From Joujouka-

  12. Happy Ride

  13. Cistm K0nfliqt...
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Posted on April 6, 2004 8:06 PM
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