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Sixth and Olive Garage

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Sixth and Olive Building Sign Clock  

Directions: From Tiffany's, head back on Pine Street to Sixth Avenue. Turn right and go one block north on Sixth. One minute walk.

You have to go this direction anyways, or else I'd remove this stop. The clock face was covered in 2010 with a parking sign. Despicable!

The clock was above the entrance to European Antiques. The building goes by various names. I used to call it the Sixth and Olive Garage Building, but it's registered as a landmark in Seattle as the Garage Building at the Sixth and Olive Building. The structure dates from 1925. The upper floors are a disguised parking garage, one of the earliest dedicated to automobile parking (and not horse parking) in Seattle. The retail space housed the Times Square branch of Seattle Savings and Trust in 1950, and the clock dated from that remodel.

This clock was built by O.B. McClintock, of Minneapolis, Minnesota. As of this writing there is amazingly no Wikipedia page for McClintock, but many fine examples of his clocks have been restored at banks around the country. You saw another on the walk at the former Bank of America in Pioneer Square.


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