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Tiffany & Co Facade Clock

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Tiffany & Co Facade Clock

Directions: From Westlake Tunnel Station, head back out the Nordstrom exit, same way you came in. Turn left from the station and head east one block, going just past the entrance to Pacific Place. Four minute walk.

This clock is on the facade of Pacific Place, over the entrance to Tiffany's. In the spirit of the historic attachment between jewelers and public clocks, Tiffany has mounted this great clock facing the street. 

This is a replica of the clock that was originally installed over Tiffany & Co in New York in 1853. The original was a bronze-coated wooden statue. The one in Seattle is a concrete replica with stainless steel dial built by Electric Time Company, who has been creating these for Tiffany since 1941. Many Tiffany branches feature this distinctive clock over the entrance, but not all. The new store at University Village in Seattle does not have one, for example.


Tiffany & Co Facade Clock Tiffany & Co Facade Clock
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