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Pioneer Square Station Art Clock

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Pioneer Square Station Art Clock

Directions: From the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, travel south one block on Second. On Cherry, turn left and head up one block to Third. Enter the bus tunnel entrance visible just south of Cherry on the east side of the street (or through the Lyon building on the west side). Travel down the escalator and walk to the mezzanine overlook of the station. You will be able to see a clock at the other end of the platform. If you walk down to the platform level, you can see a clock at either end of the platform. It's a five minute walk.

The clocks are on the wall at either end of the platforms. The bus tunnel was completed in 1990. Carol Valenta from Sound Transit provided me with the following information: "The two clocks in the Pioneer Square station were designed and built by artists Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler. The north mezzanine clock is made of materials used to build the tunnel and stations - polished marble and granite, steel I-beams, electrical wire, galvanized pipes and metals. The clock numbers are hand tools used by workers who built the tunnel. The clock on the south mezzanine is made out of materials found while the tunnel was being built - old cobblestones, cast-iron pipe, rough granite and brick."

Thomas D. Erb from Electric Time Company kindly informed me that they supplied the movement for the clock.


Pioneer Square Station Art Clock Pioneer Square Station Art Clock
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