History of Seattle Municipal Railway's Division C, the streetcar line that once connected Burien with White Center and Seattle.


Map of Original Investors
Route Collection
Time Schedule, 1912
Seattle Commercial Club Supports Streetcar
Streetcar Toolshed Inventory, 1913
Seattle Chamber of Commerce Opposes Streetcar
Riverside School
1917 Property Line Map mashup
1923 Use Map mashup
1911 Surveyor's Map
Jackson and Sharp
Letter requesting forgiveness of debt
Contract with Seattle Electric Company
rTrip's Hiking Trail
Seattle Ordinace 32607
Seattle Ordinace 33042
Seattle Ordinace 65571
Seattle Ordinace 65465
Seattle Ordinace 65376
Seattle Ordinace 36033
Highline Gardens Overview
1923 Use Map plate 12
1917 Property line map
1923 Use Map plate 17
Washington: West of the Cascades Vol II pp 607-609
Polk Directory 1911 Notes
Polk Directory 1912 Notes
Polk Directory 1910 Notes
Logging Roads
Street Names
Seattle Archives Online Maps
Seattle Municipal Railway News Nov 1919
SMR Routes 1931
Seattle Municipal Railway News 1:42
Seattle Municipal Railway News 1:3
Our Burien excerpts
Seattle Ordinance 33415
Seattle Ordinance 32607
HPLB Board Meeting Minutes Various Dates
Notes from Stock Certificates
City Archive Box 1802-C1 Folder 13
City Archive Box 1802-C1 Folder 9
City Archive Box 1802-C1 Folder 12
City Archive Box 1802-C1 Folder 11
HPLB Board Meeting Minutes Jan 19 1914
HPLB Board Meeting Minutes Mar 22 1912
1935 Report on Street Railway p 44
1939 Report on Street Railway App I
1939 Report on Street Railway Exhibit KK
1926 Report on Street Railway Operation
The Dashley, Lynch, and McGraw Lake Burien Connection
White Center Remembers pp 1-9
White Center Remembers p 22
White Center Remembers pp 24-29
White Center Remembers pp 44-47
White Center Remembers pp 50-52
Sketches of Washingtonians
History of Seattle p 1116
History of Seattle pp 477-479
History of King County pp 310-313
History of King County pp 456-458
History of Seattle p 989
History of King County p 656
Representative Citizens of Seattle and King County pp 256-259
Washington, History of an American State pp 51-54
Seattle and Environs, pp 269-271
History of King County pp 841-843